Polyglot tool for use in Armenia (English, Armenian, Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch)


Polyglot Translation Tool 

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Cliquez ici

Սեղմեք այստեղ

кликните сюда 



Polyglot tool for use in Hawaii

(English, Hawaiian, Tagalog, Ilocano, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean)

Ilocano does not work in this tool despite working well in Google Translate.  ISO 639-2 and 639-3 code for Ilocano is ilo.



Mark, click here


    9amwc (think 9 AM Wakeup Call) refers to the 9th Armenian Medical World Congress held in 2005 at the Fairmont in San Francisco by the Armenian Healthcare Association of the Bay Area.


 Tripiano Ballroom & Lounge (TB&L)

 An ongoing collective effort by and for the Armenian Cultural Community.  See  https://9amwc.org/2-general/9-tripiano-ballroom-lounge 


 Polyglot multilanguage translation tool is an adaptation of Google Translate to facilitate translation into several languages at once.  

Details at  https://amicnow.org/index.php/all-projects/all-projects/208-polyglot-translation-tool
hich includes a link to the Google sheet with a demo.


Continuing Medical Education

Mits and Jerry's excellent attempt at teaching CME vocabulary and simplifying the process



9am wakeup call

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