CME process can be used for other things besides medical education.  The same structure can be applied toward everyday problem solving.


Cleaning the garage

  1. mission statement. I want my garage to be more clean and orderly so I can find stuff and actually have a little room to entertain guests.  Seriously.
  2. Professional practice gap. We have an immature wine operation in the garage, and stuff is scattered everywhere.  It is hard to walk through the garage, let alone set up chairs where we can sit and offer tastings. When it's really messy, it actually serves as a metaphor for disarray in my life, when I'm trying to be more organized and less ADD. Not to mention that dust in the corners might infect the wine and there is even some old broken glass.  the important thing to remember from this example is that when we pay careful attention to the practice gap, we identify a lot of issues. Best to do this early on, before you try to hire a speaker.
  3. learning objectives: develop an organizational system for where everything goes, as well as the emotional ability to throw out junk that I no longer need.
  4. Target audience: the guys that help me with the winemaking
  5. venue: the garage, obviously. But also the side yard, waste bins and an off-site storage area.
  6. Desirable attributes: aesthetics, organization, Feng Shui
  7. identifying and mitigating conflicts of interest: not really applicable.
  8. Commercial support: not applicable.
  9. Not applicable
  10. not applicable
  11. evaluation: this is easy. The garage will actually look nice. I will feel better about it.


high school reunion

  1. mission statement: we want to organize a 50 year high school reunion, where everybody has fun and we talk about it for years.
  2. Practice gap: this is huge. 1st, we have to find everybody. Next, people might not want to show up because it costs too much or they think I school was too stressful, or it's too far to travel, and so on.
  3. learning objectives: get caught up with as many of our classmates as possible.  Choose a venue with such desirable features as we have outlined elsewhere.  build up some excitement in advance, we only have 2 years to go. So we need people talking about it now.
  4. target audience: a few of us have already stepped forward. There is a good number of our classmates living in this nearby area. We need to pick everybody's brain to see who knows where everyone else is.
  5. Venue:  this is not is  simple as it looks. Obviously we will choose a venue for the event. But how to choose a venue for the meetings working up to the reunion? Zoom calls? Checklists and task assignments? Charm and grooming classes so I can approach people I may have pissed off in French class five decades ago?
  6. desirable attributes: mutual love and appreciation. Overcoming shyness. Helping our classmates to present their best self.
  7. identifying and mitigating conflict of interest: One of our classmates belongs to the Elks club and is pushing for us to use their facility.
  8. commercial support: some of us did very well, and might be able to give us small grants. Hard to anticipate that there could be any conflicts of interest, but it's best to mention it early.
  9. separation of promotion from education:  doesn't really apply here.
  10. doesn't really apply
  11. how we evaluate this? Number of likes on a Facebook page?
  12. Feedback in reflection will be important, as we are planning our 60 year reunion.  Geez.
  13. We have already learned a lot from previous reunions, you get the idea.


Virtual Beer:

  1. The mission is to breathe life back into CME.  The mission is to save my career. The mission is to save the careers of anyone who is committed. Use the ham and eggs definition of commitment. 

2. The gap is that CME is hard. It's hard for the learner, who is often the CME provider in this context. It is hard for the teacher, who is often the surveyor in this context, particularly since we are not supposed to be teaching.  The gap is the CME is expensive. Could we replace the audit expenses with teaching expenses. How do we reach people that are too busy, or consider themselves to busy, to be reached?

What are Jerry's gaps?  Sense that I'm not understood, and not taken entirely seriously by people I'm trying to guide.

The gap is the surveyors don't have a lot of time to compare notes. It's not really convenient to confer with each other during online meetings, and it would be useful to have a setting where we can talk to each other and hear each other. Maybe share ideas are we Ideas that were shared during a conference


Maybe Jerry's gap is that he is a guide and not a supporter or other role.

The gap is that ACCME communication with providers can be cumbersome, as it is heavily reliant on Zoom conferences which are held during the day. There is also an online AC CME Academy, but getting to that is cumbersome, and depends to a large extent on cumbersome technologies such as several minute videos to make a point, and PARS website that is slower than fudge



Learning objectives

  1. share ideas about CME
  2. reestablish old ties among surveyors
  3. demystifying the CME language provide education to providers that will result in improved experience for surveyors.
  4. Avoiding surveyor burnout
  5. create a forum to air our individual and collective concerns 

 Jerry's learning objectives

  1. reach out to potential colleagues in a constructive and productive way.
  2. Make the CME process more intuitive.
  3. Get people to start low on the Criteria chart   <<5 
4. Target audience: Mits, Jerry, Bill, KM, Haritha, who else?
5. Roundtable discussions conducted by Zoom or in person   

6. Communication skills -we will be ultimately helping our clients better prepare for the interview, through better practice and better communication on PARS website

  • system change - a change in the way ACCME interacts with providers
  • camaraderie
  • standardization of technique  
7. (Get financial disclosures from everybody)  not really needed, no clinical content  
8. No commercial support is provided    
9. not talking about commercial products    
10. We are the experts, therefore it is validated   
11. Evaluation will be made verbally, and success is defined as collective desire to continue the meetings, collective sense of purpose in the meetings, and/or modification to ACCME education policy.   
12. If we could bring Bill out of retirement, or KM, or restore Jerry's faith in CME, or relieve Mit's frustrations, or prevent future burning out Or learn some more tricks from each other
13. Any modification to the RSS structure would satisfy this   
Engages teams possible  
Engages public    
Engages students    
Advances data use    
Addresses population health    
Collaborates effectively why not  
Optimizes communication skills    
Optimizes technical procedural skills    
Create individual learning plans we are creating our own plan  
Utilize support strategies Zoom, beer, web directory  
Engages in CME research and scholarship Yeah we should write this up - our findings
Supports CPD for the CME team Hell yeah  
Demonstrates creativity and innovation arguable  
Improves performance    
Improves healthcare quality possible  
Improves patient community health