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Welcome to  9amwc.org
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Armenian Healthcare Association of the Bay Area. 

Join Blood for Memory

as we donate 1.5 million units of blood
in reverent memory of you-know-who.

The Blood for Memory project, started by
our brothers and sisters in Switzerland
has the goal of 1.5 million units of blood
during 2015. 
Click here for more information!

see also BloodforMemory.org


our 2015 AHABA Gala Dinner
held Feb 28
100 Years:  Survival and Rebirth

Featuring Keynote Speaker  
Dr Hagop Akiskal
Professor of Psychiatry
and Director,
International Mood Center
UC, San Diego
Dr Akiskal
was a success!
See our Facebook page for photos!

Donations are much appreciated and tax deductible. 
All proceeds will support new and ongoing
medical projects in Armenia.

Armenian Healthcare Association of Bay Area
2500 Hospital Drive, Building 4A,
Mountain View CA, 94040
tel (650) 961-2013
email: AHABAmail@yahoo.com
fax 1-888-960-1869
501c3 Tax ID#  46-5168594

Our AHABA Headquarters is also the Silicon Valley headquarters of the Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC)

In 2005, AHABA hosted the 9th Armenian Medical World Congress in San Francisco.
(and thus our URL, 9amwc.org)

There are over 70 medical, dental and
allied specialists of Armenian descent
in the Bay Area. 

Please check out our Links page to find Facebook and LinkedIn links, and info about worthwhile projects in Armenia


The 9th AMWC, held in San Francisco in 2005,
was by conservative estimates, a smashing success. 
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