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Letter from Dr Gevorg Yaghjyan, regarding the formation of an Armenian - Diasporan Pathology telemedicine group,      28 August 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I received this letter today  from our prominent pathologist Dr Armen Mkhitaryan  (we were working together as a team when I was a Vice Dean in YSMU)  about possible cooperation with Diasporan pathologists in many ways.

I have had a chance to talk with many of you personally and received positive responses and readiness to cooperate with the colleagues from Armenia. And now we have a KEY person in Armenia  with whom we can coordinate efforts. It is a Call from Home, and I will be happy to receive responses from those who will join  the team so we can discuss the details  and ways for starting a Telepathology Program as a first step.

We can  plan together advanced medical training programs, expertise and capacity building for Armenian pathologists as a plan for the future.

It is the exact time to start a project- see information below (FYI)

The AMIC Pathology Group will  be the next of the SPECIALTY groups which can do a lot of work in Armenia!

I will include in CC AMIC President Dr Jerry Manoukian  with the request to circulate this letter among medical community for finding new names for this group, and also ARMENIA FUND USA  CEO (HYEBRIDGE  TELEHEALTH)  Irina Lazaryan who has experience in telemedicine for  future support  of this initiative.

In the same time  as you’ve been advised earlier, the Armenia Center of Excellence in Oncology  program consists of three stages: establishment of a center for the production of radioisotopes and molecular diagnostics, radiation therapy/ chemotherapy center and a surgical oncology clinic. In the meantime we're in the process of the radioisotope production center construction, all engineering systems have been developed already.

As for the 3rd stage, the Government of the Republic of Armenia and Global Medical Solutions CJSC have recently signed an agreement to implement a modern in-patient oncology center investment program in Armenia.

Please be also advised that the World Bank Board approved the Disease Prevention and Control Project in Armenia. The project will support the Government of Armenia in improving maternal and child health services, and the prevention, early detection, and management of selected non-communicable diseases at the primary health care level, as well as the efficiency and quality of selected hospitals in Armenia. The project would finance substantial design work for the reconstruction of the Center of Hematology in Yerevan and for the creation of a Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at the Center

CURRICULUM   VITAE:  Armen Mkhitaryan

Dr Mkhitaryan

2007-present    Assistant professor  Yerevan State Medical University, Department of Clinical Pathology   

2011-present    Chief of Anatomic Pathology unit,  “Muracan” Hospital Complex,  Yerevan

2013 – present   Head of Cytopathology, Surgical Path and IHC service,  “Davidyants” Laboratories
 Yerevan, Armenia  

For Dr Mkhitaryan's complete CV and his contact info, please contact the AMIC office at
  or +1-650-961-2013

President's note:  Pathology has been the backbone of modern medicine.  This is a critical opportunity for Diasporan pathologists to make fundamental changes in how medicine is practiced in the Hayrenik. 
Who will be next?  --jm