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March 2013
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Readers want alternative formats for Info Flash
ACMAO and AAMS collaborate for Stepanakert Women's Clinic
FIDEC Presentation in Los Angeles October 2012
Canadians Uncover Genetic Cause of Rare Children's Disease
AMWC 11 Updates
  • YSMU Alumni Association
  • Healthcare in Armenia Plenary Session
  • Early Registration and Abstract Submission deadline March 30
AMIC has a Silicon Valley branch

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Readers want alternative formats for Info Flash

Thank you to the 43 colleagues who answered our survey, "How do you like your InfoFlash?" last month.  The respondents, who reported that they read the Info "Most or all of the time (38), or "Some of the time" (5), indicated that while they tend to read the Info as a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment, there is interest in having an online/web version and compatibility with iPad-like devices.  There were several requests that the info be sent as a PDF format and a few calls for translation into Armenian.  One brave individual even offered to help with translation to Armenian!
This month's InfoFlash is offered online.  We will explore using the PDF format.  This web page is developed using the SeaMonkey web development tool (same as the old Netscape Composer).  SeaMonkey is very simple to use and the result is compatible with an iPad.  Let me know if you find that it works well with a smart phone.

While we experiment with the formats for this online InfoFlash, we will use this website.  Your patience and technologic suggestions are appreciated!

*The PDF version has internal links that only work if you save a copy to your computer.  Otherwise just scroll from top to bottom.

ACMAO and AAMS collaborate for Stepanakert Women's Clinic

The Armenian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario, which had in 2012 voted to downsize their clinic operations in Nagorno Karabagh, has developed a parnership with the Armenian American Medical Society (of California) to provide joint funding for the Women's Health Clinic in Stepanakert.  (see also the website)  The NKR Minister of Health Dr. Zoya Lazarian has also promised support from the MOH amounting to 40% of the annual clinic budget.

This joint venture prevents the downsizing of the clinic which is so necessary to the health of women in Stepanagert.  The clinic was started through the efforts of AMIC's past president Dr Avedis Bogosyan. 

ACMAO President Dr Berdj Artinian adds that the interaction of the various members of the AMIC group is essential for our ongoing efforts to provide healthcare services to our Motherland. The partnership we have created between AMAQ (Montreal), AAMS (Los Angeles) and ACMAO (Toronto) is a good example.

You may read the formal ACMAO announcement here. (935 KB)

(Why can't we do that with our Sequestration here in the USA?)

FIDEC Presentation in Los Angeles October 2012

On Friday October 19th, 2012,  FIDEC (Fighting Infectious Diseases in Emerging Countries) was introduced to the Armenian community of California at the Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, detailing the actions taken in this Eurasian country under the Women of Tavush Health Program.

The event was hosted by Mr. Jorge Rabaso and included presentations by Dr. Daniel Stamboulian, President of FIDEC, Dr. Sarkis Anac, Medical Director of the program and Dr. Pablo Elmassian, FIDEC’s Armenian Medical Director. They showed a testimonial video filmed in Tavush describing the current medical situation of women living in under-served rural areas of that province.

Afterwards, Dr. Stamboulian described the other regions where FIDEC works and he described the objectives set for 2013. He emphasized that the program is carried out thanks to the contribution of individuals committed to the progress of Armenia and improving access to women’s health in that country.  He invited those present to join the project.

A brochure in English from the evening is available here (1.4 MB)
FIDEC is a US-based nonprofit organization that provides resources to develop programs that control and prevent infectious disease in emerging countries.  Daniel Stamboulian of Buenos Aires, Argentina is FIDEC's Founder and President.  Please see   FIDEC's website is in Spanish and English.

Uncover Genetic Cause of Rare Children's Disease
Please read and savor this accomplishment of a team led by Toronto Neurologist Berge Minassian from The Globe and Mail, Canada's main national newspaper.   Briefly, Dr Minassian's team pinpointed the
genetic cause of a rare disorder causing parkinsonism in young children.  The work was completed in under two years, an astonishing feat.  Their report was published in the Feb 7, 2013  New England Journal of Medicine.

How does the web page look to you?   Would light print against a dark background be easier to read?

AMWC 11 Updates

for Congress info:

Hotel registration:

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  • YSMU Alumni Association

YSMU Grads!   Please join us Friday evening July 5 at the 11th Armenian Medical World Congress in Hollywood. 
Info is available at    

Find us on Linkedin (link can be found on the webpage).  You can also register for the Association using the link on the same webpage.

  • Healthcare in Armenia Plenary Session

Friday morning July 5, the Plenary session will focus on Healthcare in Armenia.  The Minister of Health of Armenia will discuss Healthcare Policy in Armenia, and the other presentations will discuss what Armenia needs, how much education will play a role, what else is needed, and how the Diaspora can help. 

This session replaces the Saturday morning Strategic sessions that we had in the San Francisco and New York Congresses.  Obviously there is much to discuss.  If you have any strong opinions or ideas of how the session could proceed, please share them with me at  Thanks,  --Jerry Manoukian, AMIC President

  • Early Registration and Abstract Submission deadline March 30

Here's a handy link to the Congress Website Registration page

AMIC has a Silicon Valley office

In addition to our Montreal office, we also have an office in Mountain View, California (home of Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and so many dot-com startups).   We have a new phone line, 1-650-961-2013. 
The address is:
Armenian Medical International Committee
c/o Jerry Manoukian
2500 Hospital Drive, Building 4,
Mountain View, CA  94040, USA

In addition to the usual correspondence ( you can reach us in California at 

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