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December 2013

President's Message

Dear All,

As we close out 2013, the AMIC Executive Committee and I wish you warmth, love and success in the new year.

In 2013, we moved the AMIC office from Montreal to Silicon Valley, witnessed horrific civil war in Syria, enjoyed a spectacular Congress in Los Angeles, and committed AMIC to refocus our attention to Armenia's healthcare structure.

We have some news from the Philadelphia community, and an uplifting report by our colleagues in the UK.   We hope to hear from you, let's please keep in touch!

Cheers and merry Christmas,
Jerry Manoukian MD

Comic Books and Surgery

        A very graphic novel, and a very novel approach to teaching surgery
Calling all Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Psychologists, Dentists, Nutritionists, Social Workers, and allied Health Professionals to a special event
  • January 20, 2014
  • at the Mutter Museum
  • 19  S.  22nd St, Philadelphia, PA
Head and neck surgeon Ara Chalian, MD and artist/biologist Caryn Babaian, MA, will co-present   "Comic Books and Surgery, A very graphic novel, and a very novel approach to teaching surgery."   This unique presentation will be given at the Mutter Museum, America's finest museum of medical history.
The lecture is based on a paper about innovative curriculum in surgical  education.   Dr. Chalian and Ms. Babaian will talk about narrative, drawing skills in surgery, and how to build skills with creative experiences.
Through a variety of artistic media, the surgeon, his work, skills, passion, and relationship with his patients is presented as a gallery show of portraits and medical art.  Surgical procedure, unique perspectives including comic book art as an educational narrative tool are on display. 
Please plan on joining us for this very special evening. A reception prior to the lecture begins at 5:30 pm. The lecture begins at 7:00 pm.
More details to follow, but please save the date!
Questions? Call AAHPO Hotline: 201-546-6166
 (A snow date of Jan. 27 has been reserved)
  President's note:  As a medical student in Philadelphia 3 decades ago, I was fortunate that the local Armenian medical society had a thriving membership.  Here is an opportunity for the Philly Armenian Healthcare professionals to regroup!

AMA-GB collaborates with family physicians in Armenia 2013.

Armenian Medical Association of Great Britain members Seta Boghossian-Tighe, Liza Kouyoumdjian-Stanton and Kevork Hopayian visited Armenia in October 2013 at the invitation of Prof. Marina Ohanian, the co-President of the Family Medicine Academic Society.
The members were joined by colleagues Henrik Shahnazarian and Raffi Boroian of Sweden, who have been visiting and teaching in Armenia for several years.  They began their visit by contributing to the first-ever Family Medicine International Symposium in Armenia and then went on to hold joint sessions with colleagues at the Lighthouse, a women’s refuge near Yerevan, as well as in rural clinics in Vayots Dzor, Syunik and Armavir provinces. 

The Symposium was held from October 2-3, and was conceived by Dr. Seta Boghossian-Tighe, a GP in Surrey and Chair of AMA-GB and by Prof. Marina Ohanian, co-president of the Family Medical Academic Society NGO Armenia and Head of the Family Medicine Department at Yerevan State Medical University. Over 400 physicians attended, representing a quarter of the family physicians in Armenia. The course covered a wide range of topics relevant to primary care physicians.

The Lighthouse is located outside Yerevan in the town of Pghchuk, and primarily functions as a refuge for women and children from all over Armenia and Artsakh. The Lighthouse provides nearly full-time counseling and support services with visiting gynecological, family medicine and dental services. Additionally, the Lighthouse offers basic vocational training and relief for the elderly poor.

 AMA-GB affiliates visited and held clinics in the Vayots Dzor and Syunik provinces, in Armavir and the Tavush regions, all rural and impoverished areas with limited access to emergency care, specialized treatments and basic amenities.
For more information on their contributions and experiences, view the full report.        

FAR CMEP Christmas Reception honoring the FARFAA 10th Anniversary

The FAR Fellowship Alumni Association (FARFAA) 10th anniversary, and the 20th anniversary of Salzburg International Medical Seminars were celebrated on December 20th.

More than 50 expert physicians were acknowledged for their patriotic dedication to the FAR CME Program.  FARFAA’s activities are recognized by the local professionals and by international health organizations.

This association was founded in 2000 by physicians who had updated their professional knowledge and skills in 1990 in USA with FAR support.  FARFAA which was founded by them has subsequently performed dozens of humanitarian activities.

During these years, several programs were planned and implemented by FARFAA.  One of the most important programs of this association is “Salzburg International Medical Seminars”, implemented in collaboration with Austrian American Foundations’ Open Medical Society.   FARFAA was selected as organizer and representative of the Salzburg  program among several other organizations. Salzburg International Medical Seminars are considered the largest medical training program in eastern and central Europe, central Asia and post-Soviet countries. Armenia has 17 years of experience in participating in this program.

During these years, more than 800 participants and 200 stagers have participated in this program. Also 8 medical international symposiums were organized in Armenia.

“If before we could only train the physicians by sending them to foreign countries, now this problem is solved in 2005 by launching CME program for physicians from provinces, and some of the physicians who have participated in Salzburg iInternational Medical Seminars are trainers in the CME program.,” says Anna Shirinyan, the FARFAA President.

Taking into account the effectiveness and success of Salzburg seminars, FARFAA adapted this program to create the CME program for the physicians from provinces of Armenia.

The CME program was launched in 2005 and more than 400 physicians from provinces of Armenia have updated their knowledge and skills in Clinics of Yerevan.  A large physicians' network has been created and the hospitals in provinces have been supplied with medical equipment within the framework of this program.

In 2011 physicians working in Nagorno Karabagh were also included in this program with the sponsorship received by American Armenian Health Professionals’ association(AAHPO). During these two years around 90 physicians participated in this CME program.

FAR-CMEP participants
FAR-CMEP participants, December 2013

Congratulations to FAR and FARFAA for their outstanding work and their participation in the Salzburg seminars.  You can see a delightful video presentation on the Salzburg seminars at our AMIC group page on Facebook

This blog by plastic surgeon Jed Horowitz is delightful.  It details the team's experiences traveling to Armenia to perform repair surgeries for cleft lip, cleft palate and burn contracture.  Enjoy!

What's ahead...

  • Summer 2015:  the 4th International Medical Congress of Armenia, held in Yerevan!

  • 2017:  the 12th Armenian Medical World Congress to be held in Buenos Aires!

Call for Diasporan - Armenian Telepathology Cooperative

Calling all pathologists!  Use your talents to help guide pathologic diagnosis in Armenia using telemedicine.  Thanks to technology like the Hyebridge program, we can offer specialty-specific collaboration between the Diaspora and our colleagues in Yerevan and beyond.  Pathology presents a unique challenge with the added requirement for microscopes and new staining techniques.
Please see this link for a proposal by Dr Gevorg Yaghjyan to form a telepathology cooperative between the Diaspora and Armenia. 

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